Why Hire Us?


Booking a belly dancer from our  company is a bit different than hiring most entertainment.  We put a lot of time in our hair makeup and costumes.  Before we even walk out the door we have already put 2 hours in preparing ourselves for entertaining you and your guests.  We use a lot of props, such as canes, drums, fan veils, isis wings and so much more.  We arrive on time and come organized with our music and customize our performance according to your interests.  And we always offer time for pictures after our performance.


With all this said entertainment fees are charged depending on the following: 

  1. Location
  2. Length of sets/lesson
  3. Number of dancers
  4. How many props/equipment dancers use or provide
  5. Dancers hired based on experience

We do not charge by the hour but by number of sets and the length of set. 


Why? Each of our dancers perform at 100% packed with energy, emotions, props and costume changes. 




Therefore, the sets are between 10-15mins long, a costume change in between sets and time for pictures after the last performance.  The minimum time dancers are on property is one hour.  Prices are negotiable by sacrificing a costume change, the use of props and experience of dancer(s). 

You can ask the dancer to stay if you or your guests are tipping but it is up to the dancer(s) to continue to entertain if offered. 


Requesting a full 30 minute or 1 hour performance from 1-4 dancers does require some endurance.  Which is not a problem with our dancers but is something you want to keep in mind when hiring a Bellydancer.


We do not offer this for a few reasons:


1. The quality of performance goes down after 15 minutes.


2. The audience loses interest and doesn't  leave much elso to look forward to


3. The dancer needs time to refresh


4. The break in between is also refreshing to the audience when only a couple of dancers are performing.


We do offer full 30 minute- 1hour shows for big events or corporate events but this requires 5-8 dancers and the price goes up.  We also need at least a months notice. Please contact us for more information if interested in hiring for your big event. 


Although, we are very accommodating to our clients and we can negotiate 

Is tipping a BellyDancer Appropriate?

Of Course!

As long as it is done respectfully.  Traditionally guests can shower dancers with money.  This is considered a big compliment of respect and appreciation and not having any physical contact with dancer(s).  Guests can also put money on side of hips, shoulder strap or arm band.  If a dancer is uncomfortable having any contact with guest they may come around with a tip jar, signifying to put money in jar rather than giving a guest an opportunity to make contact. 

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