The FEZ Documentary

Director Producer, Roxxanne Shelaby, a world renowned belly dancer, brings us into the heart of the Golden Era of Hollywood with “The Fez”-the first Restaurant and Nightclub dedicated to the Arab culture on the West Coast.


Opened in 1959 in Hollywood, the legendary Fez not only became a center for the Arabic community in Southern California, but a catalyst for Arab music and dance going on to inspire generations of musicians and dancers well beyond Los Angeles.


This film shares a piece of Arab music and dance history, the cultural center of The Fez became for the Arab community and those drawn to the beauty and richness of the Arab culture and the nostalgia of Old Hollywood.


The Fez Documentary showcases the insiders view of the first Middle Eastern nightclub in Hollywood, where all the Hollywood stars were seen and introduced to Middle Eastern arts and culture.


Featuring Arabic music, belly dancers and the best Middle Eastern food in town, The Fez has become part of the vintage Hollywood history!


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