Shimmy your shape back

with Shimmyology

The Shimmyology was developed to increase and maintain flexibility, strength, and endurance for bellydancers. Seeing the results made it clear that anyone can benefit from the Shimmyology.  The work out utilizes isometric holds for core stability and strength, stretches for mobility and range of motion and shimmies for endurance and muscle toning.  During the cool downs the feminine side of bellydance is emphasized and focuses on grace and beauty and doesn't hurt to put some sexy in there either. But in a respectful manner. It's a great workout to fun and exciting Arabic beats and can easily be done at home on your own time. The added benefits are learning creative ways to shake your booty on the dance floor and letting it become a therapeutic dance for the mind and spirit.  As for all the other benefits you will have to come to a class to find out. 


Let's Shimmy!

Shimmyology is in the launching phase.  And a list of places are soon to grow.  Check the list on the right to find the current place Shimmyology is offered.  If you would like to see it in your gym or city.  Request it Below by registering your email.  Or send any questions of comments to


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Classes being offered @ Venus de Fido in Palm Desert CA

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